James McArthur clears up confusion over his contract running out this summer

Written by FYP Fanzine

EXCLUSIVE: Macca joins the FYP Podcast to clear up his contract situation and discuss all manner of CPFC related things


James McArthur's contract does NOT expire at the end of the season, and that comes from the man himself.

The 30-year-old Scottish midfielder joined the FYP Podcast panel this week - alongside Andy Street, Kevin Day and Steve Browett - to chat about all sorts of Palace related things.

He discussed playing in a new position, what playing under Roy Hodgson is like, why he loves Eagles fans so much and loads more...including his contract status.

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In the last few weeks rumours surrounding his contract at Palace have ramped up with lots of outlets reporting his current deals ends at the end of the season.

Some have also linked him with a move to Rangers, the club he supported as a boy. But Macca opened up on the FYP Podcast to explain that actually he still has two years left to run on his current deal.

"I've already got a contract, I signed a four-year contract two-years ago."

Asked if that means two more years at Palace he emphatically replied: "Yep!"

So there you go. Panic over.

Listen to the rest of the pod below where Macca provides some brilliant insight into life as a Palace player.


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FYP's FOIA Requests to the Sussex Police - An Update

Written by Jim Daly

Today the Palace Supporters Trust have published the letter of complaint which their solicitors have sent to the Sussex Police about the policing at the league match in November against Brighton at the Amex.

That letter referenced our Freedom of Information request, so we thought we’d post a brief update on what has happened since November 2017 for those of you that are interested.

As you might all recall, back in November 2017 we submitted various Freedom of Information Act requests to the Sussex Police about their allegation that Palace fans had been carrying knives and knuckle-dusters at the league match against Brighton at the Amex.

After those requests were submitted the Police admitted that they had been incorrect in saying that Palace fans had been in possession of weapons and issued an apology.

The Sussex Police didn’t, however, explain why a senior officer had come to put information about knives and knuckledusters into the public domain or why the Sussex Police had stated that Palace fans had been at the match without tickets. So we didn’t withdraw our first Freedom of Information request and made a further request dealing with the allegation about Palace fans at the match not having tickets.

On 12 February 2018, we received a response from the Sussex Police. Unfortunately, the Sussex Police didn’t provide the explanation of their failings and the information we were expecting.

Instead they simply said that disclosure of the information was not in the public interest as it could prejudice future investigations. That letter can be read at the below link:


We responded to the Sussex Police on 27 February 2018 setting out why we thought they should explain themselves. That letter contains some legal argument but various points about the public interest in providing the information from paragraphs 41 onwards. The letter can be read in full at the below link:


At the time of this article we have still received no response to our letter of 27 February. We will update you as and when we do.


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Play With A Legend is an events company and agency for former footballers set up by former Arsenal footballer Perry Groves. It gives fans the chance to play alongside their heroes and they are returning for a third event at Selhurst Park on Sunday 20th May 2018.

It’s a four team tournament and fans can choose their position, whether they fancy 45 or 90 minutes of action playing for Clinton Morrison, John Salako, Darren Ambrose or Matt Jansen who are the player managers.

Personalised kit, dressing room access, drink refreshments and a post match Q&A with the legends plus much more is included and we’re delighted to offer FYP followers a 5% discount on places if they use the code FYP5 at checkout.

Places start from £215 inc VAT.

Visit playwithalegend.com/fiveyearplan for more information and to sign up!