Five Ways Crystal Palace Can Get Their Mojo Back

Written by Robert Sutherland

The Frank de Boer sacking is just another step in a line of frustrating steps. Here are some pointers as to how Palace could make things a little better, courtesy of Rob. 

Wilf hands out

1. Stop the briefing

Whether you're for or against Frank de Boer, you'll have read line upon line of articles filled with he-said-he-said crap about how players didn't like him, the tactics didn't work, he was arrogant etc. None of these things help Palace. It might help to turn some opinions against him, but it doesn't help Palace look stable, or mature, or considerate. It makes the club look like prima donna whiners who can't get on with their multi-million pound jobs. Because someone did keepy uppies. It's pathetic and it needs to stop. It should have stopped a few weeks ago. It hasn't stopped now. It needs to stop completely. So cut it out and get on with your jobs.

2. Start working

Yep, the manager oversaw four games of poor results. But some of that was avoidable. The mistakes were avoidable. The missed chances were avoidable. The players must take some responsibility too. They can blame the manager for performances but at the very least he fronted up. So here's a point for them. When you turn up at Selhurst on Saturday, show some intent to win the game. Real, meaningful intent. Stop making excuses, start making goals and collecting points. It's not the Palace way to just give in. So don't. Score some goals and give us something to celebrate. 

3. Start chanting 

Our fans are proud of the noise we make. We've done it for years. But there seems to be a trend among our fans to go quiet at crucial periods in the game. We're all capable of doing that little bit better. Our home form has been atrocious -- there's no shying away from it. But if you get behind the players, rather than on their backs for misplaced passes or a bad goal kick, you'll do the players a favour. Given the two points above, they might not deserve it entirely -- but it'll be in our favour to provide a unified front. So give it a bit of welly on Saturday. Stand up and be counted. 

4. Bring fans and players closer

There's a reason why seeing Wilfried Zaha and Jason Puncheon meeting with the HF at their local pub was so special. Because it's rare. But these moments offer opportunity for unity. You feel less distanced from the wins and defeats when the players who represent you stand among you. And in the new Fan Zone, you have the perfect location for supporters and players to mingle a bit. Fans don't bite, so why not give them a chance to speak to some of their heroes after a match? 

5. Give us some long-term hope

Palace fans are screaming out for something to hold on to. Something that has purpose. Show us something about the stadium plans, give us something to get behind on that front. Palace fans aren't just customers -- we have a strong feeling of investment in this club. We're investors in time, care, emotion and money. We may not be shareholders but we're season ticket holders or members -- and that's perhaps the closest we'll come to having a say. But give us something we can see. Not just players. Or bars. Not just temporary fanzones. Give us some news about what we are investing towards. Selhurst is our home too.