Written by Jim Daly

Dear oh dear. The national press and half of Twitter has been going crazy over something some 14-year-old Manchester United fan probably did while bored.

Images appeared of a supposed Wilfried Zaha tweet claiming he was "on my way to the top of the premier league" yesterday and, naturally, Twitter exploded.

Most assumed it was an indication that the Crystal Palace star was signing for Manchester United.

He could, of course, have just been talking about winning the top flight with Palace. Obviously.

But it was soon proven to be a fake tweet, not least thanks to the creator's failure to amend the total number of tweets in the image (as seen above).

Palace have even confirmed by their official Twitter account it was fake, saying: "Wilfried Zaha has confirmed that a tweet attributed to him in today's media regarding moving to the Premier League was not from his account."

But that didn't stop many of the UK's national newspapers picking up on the story including the The Sun, who's journalist Charlie Wyett still has refused to acknowledge it was fake.

Wilf later tweeted "I don't know remember tweeting no such thing so I don't know where the tweet came from".

Our favourite reaction was from Annie Eaves who proved how easy it was to make a fake tweet and started to produce some of her one. THIS was our favourite.

Meanwhile, Palace manager Ian Holloway has claimed that if Zaha does leave the club in January, it will only be with a deal to loan him back.

"Wilfried Zaha is wanted by some of the biggest clubs in the Premier League," Holloway said in his Sunday Mirror column. "And THAT, in the football silly season that everyone else calls January, is the problem.

"The need for confidentiality makes it impossible to reveal who is interested in Wilfried and who has made a bid.

"I felt it necessary to have a chat with Wilfried this week about what might happen and what definitely won't be happening. Even if we do reach an agreement with a club, it would have to include a clause that Zaha stays put for the rest of the season."