Written by Robert Sutherland

Palace co-Chairman Steve Parish has confirmed that the club are actively negotiating for Yohann Cabaye.

In a sign of Crystal Palace showing genuine intent this summer, Palace co-chairman Steve Parish confirmed to TalkSport that the club are interested in Yohan Cabaye and are working towards getting a deal agreed, saying: "We would like to sign Cabaye, we are working on it," when asked about the possibility of signing the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder.  

Parish has previously been coy about potential moves, so the release of even the smallest of snippets suggests that the deal might be closer than originally thought.

He also used the opportunity to discuss the OFCOM challenge to the Premier League's rights deal, with the suggestion being that the organisation could be forced to sell individual games rather than packages, a move that wouldn't be popular with him. 

There was also some brief discussions about the club's plans, with Parish indicating that the training ground is being upgraded and that the future development of the stadium could be reliant on next season's Premier League income. 

We'll see how the next week pans out - but the Cabaye news is sure to get pulses in South London racing.