Yo Dawg! The latest FYP podcast is now available to download!

Written by Jim Daly

Whatup homie. JD and Streety have plenty to talk about on the latest FYP podcast, including the bizarre rumours that US rapper P Diddy is lining up a bid for the club. Is this fo shizzle? The boy's aren't sure, but it's certainly an interesting talking point.

But as Diddy tips his diamond-encrusted shades in our direction, there are more pressing matters to discuss - namely the poor run of results in the last three games and Paul Hart's weird substitutions. Streety gets all hot under the collar - un-popped I might add - about Lee Hills, and we look forward to some tricky up coming games.

As usual, there is the obligatory song. Will P Diddy make a guest appearance? You'll have to listen to find out.

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