FYP Podcast: You lose! Now what for Palace after ending unbeaten run?

Written by Joe Bloggs

It finally happened. No, not James Endeacott getting the call to replace Louis Walsh on X-Factor. No, not JD getting sectioned for his awful parody songs. No, not Streety getting that restraining order.

No, what has happened is that Palace have finally lost a game. It has been seven matches since they had sampled the bitter taste of defeat but it was shoved down their throats against after a 2-0 loss at Cardiff

What does it mean for Palace now? The pod team of FYP editor JD, assistant Streety, comedian Kevin Day and music expert James Endeacott discuss.

They also chat shit about:

    1. Paddy McCarthy's return to form.
    2. A sneak preview of next issue's interview with Bruce Dyer.
    3. Whether we should care about internationals or not.

    4. The forthcoming games with Leicester and M*llw*ll.
    5. A song for our new signing Chris Martin.

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