FYP Podcast 69 - Our first ever Premier League podcast!

Written by Jim Daly

WEYYHEYY!! After five years of doing this podcast we can finally call ourselves a Premier League pod! Look at me now Ma!

Think of the studios we'll be visiting next season...wait we don't do away pods. Damn it! Back down the pub then?

For this end of season podcast we are in fact back at Chez Browett, where a selection of fine wines awaits us to celebrate Monday's playoff final win over Watford.

Mirror Football's Ed Maylon and FYP production editor Rob Sutherland also join us to chat all things Palace, including:

They also answer your tweets and Facebook questions.

So join Kevin Day, Jim Daly, James Endeacott, Andy Street, Ed Malyon and Rob Sutherland for an hour of Palace chat!


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