FYP Feature: Crystal Palace fans tempted Edgar Davids on Twitter

Written by Robert Sutherland

Internet-savvy Crystal Palace fans can feel a certain amount of pride about their role in securing the sensational signing of Edgar Davids.

The Dutch midfield legend told Palace World that the tweets he received during the #saveCPFC online campaign as the June 1 deadline day loomed stoked his interest in the Eagles - and made him more receptive to a potential move.

He said: "It started actually on Twitter, some fans were tweeting if I could help the club because it wasn't doing very well financially, I heard. Then I asked my followers to support Crystal Palace.

"Then, two weeks later, I got a tweet back. They tagged me that the club was saved, that was the start."

Davids was then approached by a mutual friend shared with George Burley, asking whether he would be interested in signing for the club.

"I'd been training with Ajax and all of a sudden I got a call and had a good chat with George and I was sold to the club."

Palace fans were encouraged to tweet messages on the social blogging website on May 31 and the June 1, highlighting the club's difficulty with Lloyds and asking for support from a variety of celebrities, footballers and managers.

With Davids being one of the many twitter users that responded, few Palace fans would have imagined that the player would be so encouraged by the support that he would sign for the club just a few short months later.

Few can now question the power that such tool can give organisations or social movements - Palace fan's Twitter activity put the club's difficulty in the number one spot for 'trending' tweets - meaning that it was the most talked about topic of the day.

Football fans around the world were made aware of the protest outside Lloyds - adding thousands to the hundreds that were actually standing outside the bank in the soaking wet.

It's pretty amazing - and a sign of the times - that fans can have such an influence in club affairs, and new Palace owners CPFC2010 are clearly aware of this, hence their embracing of fans' forums and message boards.

Although it was clearly George Burley who convinced the Dutch star to sign, it was Palace fans who planted the seed.


Other players on Twitter we could convince to sign

1. Wayne Rooney - @waynerooneyno10 When he's not tweeting about the local talent at the Bingo Hall.

2. Guiseppi Rossi - @GiuseppeRossi22 Loves a bit of FIFA on the playstation, apparently.

3. Luis Enrique - @LUISENRIQUE21 Hey, why not convince another former star out of retirement?

4. Andres Iniesta - @andresiniesta8 Likes playing in red and blue already, does little Andres.

5. Regi Blinker- @SuperReg Another Dutch dreadlocked star we could convince to join.

5. Rio Ferdinand - @RioFerdy5 Likes to post weird photos of himself with cryptic messages.

6. Nicolas Anelka - @anelkaofficiel When he's not sulking, he's whining to his fans on Twitter.

7. Stephen Ireland - @StephenIreland The guy who hates football talking about...football.

8. Diego Forland - @diegoforlan7 A serial tweeter who can't keep away from his blackberry.

9. Dimitar Berbatov - @dimi_berbatov Potential spoof profile here, but it is well funny.

10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - @ZlatansOfficial Striker, wants to leave, likes red and blue. Hint!