Spurs release images of planned 60,000 stadium for Stratford, where does it leave Palace?

Written by Jim Daly

Tottenham have released images of their plans for the Olympic Stadium in Stratford as they remain adamant on up rooting and relocating to east London.

As previously revealed, Spurs also want to redevelop he National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace Park if their Olympic bid is successful.

Like Palace, Spurs want to turn the centre into a 25,000-seater stadium with the opportunity to upgrade to 40,000.

But where do Palace stand in all this? To put it bluntly: nowhere in Spurs' plans. Part of the agreement of hosting the 2012 Olympic Games is that the country will leave some sort of Olympic legacy. By turning the stadium in Stratford into a football-only venue, Spurs need to use the Crystal Palace Park to leave their legacy.

Plenty in athletics hallways secretly oppose the bans and favour West Ham's, which would see an athletics track left at Stratford, as well as using it for football, which would leave Crystal Palace Park for CPFC2010 to develop for the Eagles.

On plans for the NSC, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy said: "We would increase the current capacity of Crystal Palace by 9,500 to 25,000 and a new 4 lane warm up track and all weather hockey pitch would also be built.

"With these proposals, Crystal Palace would become a re-invigorated dedicated facility, bringing more activity to the area and be available to the athletics community every single day of the year."

A decision on the bids is due this week when we'll see where Palace's plans to move home stand. Spurs plans for NSC can be seen below: