Play at Selhurst Park with Morrison, Jansen, Ambrose and Salako - AND get a discount!

Written by FYP Fanzine

Want to play at Selhurst with  linton Morrison, John Salako, Darren Ambrose or Matt Jansen? Of course you do!

Play With A Legend are offering you that very chance - and FYP can get you a discount on places.

Play With A Legend is an events company and agency for former footballers set up by former Arsenal footballer Perry Groves. It gives fans the chance to play alongside their heroes and they are returning for a third event at Selhurst Park on Sunday 20th May 2018.

It’s a four team tournament and fans can choose their position, whether they fancy 45 or 90 minutes of action playing for Clinton Morrison, John Salako, Darren Ambrose or Matt Jansen who are the player managers.

Personalised kit, dressing room access, drink refreshments and a post match Q&A with the legends plus much more is included and we’re delighted to offer FYP followers a 5% discount on places if they use the code FYP5 at checkout.

Places start from £215 inc VAT.

Visit for more information and to sign up!