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Written by FYP Fanzine

Sit yourself down, mummy and daddy have some news.

We want to stress from the start that we still love you very much and that will never change, but this is something we just have to do.

From right now, our post-match extraaa podcasts will be Patreon-only, meaning you will have to be part of the FYP Patreon team to get them.

But the good news is it's just £2.65 a month to be able to do so, that's half the price of a match-day programme at Selhurst!

To sign up simply go here.

This will be effective from the Watford away game on Sunday August 26th so to make sure you get that pod and all future extraaa pods in your inbox sign up now!

By signing up you don't just get the extraa pods but access to exclusive giveaways and breaking FYP news regarding future pod guests and live shows before anyone else.

The main weekly, full-length, hour long podcasts will be remaining free though! 

We look forward to having you on board!

Team FYP