Tickets to the FYP Podcast LIVE with mystery Palace guest now SOLD OUT

Written by Robert Sutherland

Well, this is exciting. We are doing our second ever LIVE Podcast next month.

It's only took us 11 years to build up the courage to pod in front of a live audience back in January 2020 when Paddy McCarthy joined us on stage in Streatham - and it was a clast.

And we're back. AND SOLD OUT!

On Thursday November 11th we will be recording the second FYP Podcast LIVE with a proper live audience in a grown up venue and everything.

This is the third attempt to get this show up and running - thanks Covid!

We have booked the main auditorium at the Streatham Space Project in Streatham Hill and doors will open at 7pm with the night kicking off at 7.30pm.

The venue has 120 seats which is both super exciting AND we have now sold out.

We cant wait to see everyone who has bought a ticket on the night, where we'll also have a very special Crystal Palace themed guest. Someone who has played for the club and has a multitude of stories that we can't wait for him to share with us on the night.

See you soon or what will be a memeorable event and hopefully the first of many live FYP Podcasts. Cheers!