The FYP Interview - Bronia Gosling

Written by Stephen Bridle

This interview appeared in FYP issue 28 - October 2011

Life is cheery for Bronia Gosling, the Crystals’ new(ish) captain, and it’s a new responsibility she’s taken on with relish.

“I’m loving it. I’ve really had the chance to sink my teeth into it and get everyone going. We’ve banded into a good group, it’s a really lovely bunch of girls,” said the 27-year-old professional dancer and dance teacher.

“We all went out together to Tiger Tiger when some of the new girls joined. Going out together really cemented the girls together. We’ve got a strong bond.”

Raising morale and keeping people entertained is a cheerleader’s job if it’s anyone’s, so it’s no surprise then to find that Miss Gosling promotes this amongst her girls with copious amounts of tomfoolery to be found on the training ground and *gulp* in the dressing room.

“The funnier stuff happens after training. I laughed for a whole hour the other week. Claire, Nina and Laura – those three together is a recipe for a giggle!”

But of course they’re not just there to keep themselves entertained; it’s ALL about the fans.

“We love the fans! Interacting through Twitter and getting the fans compliments and suggestions is brilliant. All of the support we’ve had has been fantastic and we’d just like to say thank you very much to all the fans!”

Since we’re treated to seeing her on the pitch of a chilly Saturday afternoon – or even chillier Tuesday evening – we’ve become accustomed to the red and blue cheer that Bronia, along with her girls, spreads about Selhurst; so it may surprise some that the club’s new leading lady is a recent Palace convert.

“I’ve been a football fan since I was about three or four, but I didn’t follow Palace before I became a Crystal, and now I’m obsessed! I’ve got a picture of Paddy on my wall and I’ve got my kit.”

As fellow captains, Bronia and McCarthy may have more in common than you’d think – of course one looks far better than the other waving pom-poms.

“Paddy is  an outstanding captain. He really picks the players up if they’re down, he’s the last line of defence before Jules and he supports everyone – I think that’s really admirable.”

(Photo by Mark Green)